Are you a real estate investor?

Mediation services and management immobiliàties related transactions:
the sale, rental, exchange or transfer of real property

Are you a real estate investor?

Do you want to invest in the purchase of a flat or a house?

Currently, as is the real estate market, there are very interesting opportunities.


Do you know what kind of investor you are? Are you interested in reselling properties? Is your business to buy properties and get rents with rent? Whatever your situation as an investor, there are things you should keep in mind: the importance of diversifying assets, how to properly carry out investment operations, ways to calculate the expenses associated with them, ideas to consider if you must reform the property you are about to acquire, information about the most profitable areas and real estate assets, etc.


  • If you want to buy a flat or a house or sell a property, if you want to carry out an investment property operation, at Fincabia we offer advice both from the point of view of the offer and the real estate demand.


  • If you need a real estate investment that offers security, liquidity and profitability, or information on the best current real estate assets or specialized advice for your real estate investments, at Fincabia we are Financial and Real Estate Advisors and we specialize in Comprehensive Wealth Management.


  • If you want to buy a very cheap apartment and get a good rental with a reliable tenant who pays you a monthly rent and at the same time take advantage of the revaluation of the asset, at Fincabia we sell real estate throughout the province of Girona, with a portfolio of more than 1,000 real estate assets.


  • If you are a developer and you are looking for an attractive and profitable real estate project, if you need analysis, research, solutions and results that provide real value, at Fincabia we offer services that cover the entire life cycle of the asset, from the presentation of the investment, the search for financing, up to the planning, management and execution of the project.


Our property portfolio includes new and second hand homes, commercial premises, land and plots, offices, garages and storage rooms, both for sale and for rent and our services are aimed at individual customers and investors, and we carry out, basically, personalized advice in real estate investment in a global manner, in the short, medium and long term according to the objectives and needs of each client.




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