Real estate services

Mediation services and management immobiliàties related transactions:
the sale, rental, exchange or transfer of real property

Free Consultori

A space open to all users, where you can ask for free and solve your doubts about issues related to the real estate sector (decoration, construction, purchase and sale contracts, legal aspects, taxation, mortgages, etc.)

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Are you owners and want to sell?

At FINCABIA we advise you at all times when it comes to selling your home. With our sales method and with the marketing techniques we guarantee you the best result.


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Do you want to buy a flat or a house?

At FINCABIA we will help you to resolve all doubts and avoid any problems that may arise. We will accompany you, guide you and advise you throughout the sale process.


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Do you know the value of your home?

Setting the price of a property depends on many factors and is decisive when buying or selling. FINCABIA helps you to know the current market situation to find the right price.


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Energy certificates and habitability certificates

We manage the obtaining of certificates and certificates in case you do not have them, in an easy, fast and economic way. These procedures are essential by law when selling or renting.


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Home Staging

A positive change for your home. We apply techniques that will enhance your home, give it a more attractive appearance and increase the possibilities of sale or rent.


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Virtual office

The transparency and information in the process of selling your property is total, with all of activity related to the marketing of your property.


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Rental guaranteed

Do you want to rent your flat? Manage the rent without problems and properly select the tenant? Service intended for owners who want to rent and who seek the security of punctual collection every month.

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Banking Real Estate Products

In Fincabia you have found the ideal place to buy houses and bank floors. We have all kinds of bank repossessions, promotions and residences at incredible prices. The best opportunities of flats and houses for sale and rent.

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We build the house of your dreams

We build bespoke single-family homes, customizing designs to suit your needs and budget. If you already own a piece of land, you are one step away from making your dream come true. If you have not found it yet, we will buy it for you.

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Are you a real estate investor?

Do you want to carry out a real estate investment operation? Do you need a real estate investment that offers you security, liquidity and profitability? Or are you a promoter and are you looking for some attractive and profitable real estate project? In Fincabia we have the best properties for your investments.

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