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Banking Real Estate Products

We are a real estate agent specializing in properties from financial institutions


In Fincabia you have found the ideal place to buy houses and bank floors. We have all kinds of bank repossessions, promotions and residences at incredible prices. The best opportunities of flats and houses for sale and rent.


We are a real estate company specializing in properties from financial institutions (banks and savings banks), as well as investment funds and other investment vehicles.


Buying homes and bank floors is one of the most economical options that exist when it comes to getting a home. Fincabia markets this type of assets and, therefore, puts them on sale at prices much lower than the market. In fact, it is possible to find flats coming from banks with discounts of up to 70% with respect to their real cost.


In addition, we often offer buyers a series of very advantageous conditions, with special mortgages, reaching up to 100% financing. This contributes to the fact that this type of real estate is even more attractive for those who want to buy a flat or a house.


Fincabia sells real estate properties of the main banking entities throughout the province of Girona, with a portfolio of more than 1,000 real estate assets. Our portfolio includes new and second hand homes, commercial premises, land and plots, offices, garages and storage rooms, both for sale and rent.




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