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Which kitchen plate to choose: advantages and disadvantages



The kitchen plates are one of the appliances that has evolved the most in recent years, offering different types of technologies to the user. Do you know them? Today in Fincabia, we present the advantages and disadvantages that each one has.



Gas plates:



• Consumption is lower compared to other electrical options.

• It provides us with the right temperature from the start, as you will not have to wait for it to warm up.

• There are no compatibility problems with different types of containers.



• As it is not a smooth plate, it becomes one of the most difficult options to clean.

• It is usually the most dangerous option, since when working with gas we could have a leak.



Vitroceramic plates



• Works with all types of containers.

• They have a lower price than those of induction.



• They take time to warm up, the required heat is not achieved instantaneously.

• Consume more than the other options, in the long run it will be the most expensive option.



Induction plates



• It takes less to heat than the glass ceramic option.

• Taking into account the electrical options, it consumes less.

• They are easy to clean.

• They only heat the container, since the plate is kept cold. This is a great advantage for the little ones in the house.



• It does not work with all the containers: in buying pots and pans it will be necessary to check that they are compatible.

• It is an inexpensive option.



We recommend that you choose the type of plate that best suits your needs. Therefore, it will be important to understand in an appropriate way the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, since each option has its preferences when choosing one or the other. What do you prefer?




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