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The Mountains of the Guilleries



6th part -100 incredible places in Girona that you should know and visit



Girona is one of those provinces that have so much to offer that we would need more than one life to get to know each beautiful corner it hides. This great region, unknown to many, even by those who live in it, is placed at the head in terms of quality of life and considered one of the most beautiful in Europe.


From the Pyrenees to the Costa Brava we find places full of charm and history, medieval villages, fishing villages, artistic heritage and hidden places that hide beautiful natural spaces that leave you with an open and hallucinated mouth.


In the province of Girona throughout the year you can enjoy a landscape and an ideal climate for all kinds of activities by land, sea and air. The great natural diversity that it offers makes it a unique space where you can unwind and relax.


In Fincabia we will dedicate this long article to discover the most incredible and spectacular places of this beautiful province, which you must know and visit, with a total of eleven chapters, starting from the Pyrenees to the Costa Brava:







The Sierra de les Guilleries, is located at the confluence between the region of La Selva and Osona, around the town of Sant Hilari Sacalm, bounded on the west by the Vich plain, on the south by the Montseny massif, this with the depression of the Selva, and to the north with the Altiplano del Collsacabra.


It is a granitic massif populated by forests of oaks and cork oaks typically Mediterranean on the sunny slopes, and oaks, pines and chestnuts. The maximum height of the massif is 1204 m in "Sant Miquel de Solterra" or "de les Formigues". Mineral springs abound as well as bottling plants, being able to cite among the best known the springs of "Font Vella", "Font d'Or" or "Font Picant". In the vicinity there are the reservoirs of Sau, and Susqueda, on the river Ter.



The mountain of San Miguel de Solterra


Sant Miquel de Solterra or Sant Miquel de las Formigues is a mountain of 1,202 meters which is located between the municipalities of Sant Hilari Sacalm and Osor en la Selva.


At the top there is an iron cross with three ants, which allude to Sant Miquel de las Formigues, and the remains of the castle of Solterra and the chapel of Sant Miquel de Solterra. The cross rises over the remains of a circular tower of the castle. There are also the remains of an ancient geodesic vertex.




The mountain of El Far


Mountain of 1,125 meters that is in the municipality of Susqueda, in the region of La Selva. At the top is the sanctuary of "El Far" and about 250 meters to the north next to the eastern ridge, at 1210 meters above sea level, there is a geodesic vertex.



The Susqueda reservoir


Located on the River Ter, it extends through the municipalities of Susqueda, Sant Hilari Sacalm in the La Selva region. It is the last in time and the most important of the reservoirs of the hydrographic exploitation system of the Ter.


The entire perimeter of the reservoir is of interest for flora and fauna. The natural space it occupies is part of the Sierra de las Guilleries. In the reservoir you can also practice rowing and sailing.





Espinelves is a town located in the region of Osona, but belonging to the demarcation of Girona, in the mountains and near the sea. This small town of 200 inhabitants has an altitude of 750 meters above sea level, located on the same Transversal Axis, between Coll de Ravell and Coll del Buch, 45 km from Girona and the Costa Brava, and 21 km from the city of Vic.


It is popular for its Romanesque church and its peculiar specialty in Christmas firs. Its natural environment is covered with fresh trees, clean waters and pure air, where silence, peace and quiet reign, and the places are worthy of admiration. The landscape, which combines all the shades of green, complements the sum of elements that make this place a paradise for visitors.





Viladrau is a municipality belonging to the province of Girona, on the border with the counties of La Selva and Vallès Oriental. Located in a privileged place within the region of Osona, it stands on the top of a hill 840 meters high on the right bank of the Riera Major.


The eminently mountainous and wooded municipality, goes south into the sub-county of Les Guilleries, with spectacular landscapes and corners of great beauty, is favored by a cool climate in summer and dry in winter. A privileged space where nature, light, aesthetics and tranquility give it an eminently bucolic spirit.



Sant Hilari Sacalm


Sant Hilari Sacalm is a municipality in the province of Girona, located in the region of La Selva, on the top of a mountain 850 meters high covered with forests. It is the most mountainous municipality of the Selva and traditionally it has been called the capital of the Sierra de las Guilleries because it is the main town in this natural region.


The most characteristic feature of the town is the hundred sources that have consequently the sun that has. That is why the population is also known as «The city of 100 springs», which have become part of the natural and historical heritage of Sant Hilari Sacalm.


The situation of the municipality, and its natural environment with paths and routes with water and forests as protagonists makes Sant Hilari has become a territory of well-being, as well as a stop of relaxation and tranquility to enjoy the best places it offers the town. From the important local infrastructure that characterizes the municipality to its gastronomy, as well as the many hotels or thermal areas such as the Spa Font Vella make up a villa of rest and connection with the environment.





The municipality of Osor is located in the natural sub-county of the Guilleries and includes the neighborhoods of the Mines of Osor and Santa Cruz de Horta. The villa is 340 m above sea level, 21 km from Santa Coloma de Farners and 16 km from Sant Hilari Sacalm, capital of the Guilleries.


The streets and squares of Osor are quite peculiar with the cobbled streets and houses with lintels of the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries quite interesting.


Architecturally, it is worth highlighting the two existing medieval bridges, the Can Vidal bridge over the Noguerola stream, and especially the "Pont Vell", over the Riera de Osor, of a Romanesque character, documented since the 15th century.



Santa Coloma de Farners


Santa Coloma de Farners is located in the center of the region of La Selva, of which it is the capital, between the flat of the Selva and the Les Guilleries mountains, with the buttresses of the Espinau, Santa Bárbara and The Serra del Corb.


In this environment we find a rich historical heritage in which we highlight the castle of Farners or the Monastery of Sant Pere Cercada. In the urban center of Santa Coloma, we can visit the Plaça Farners, presided over by the parish church, which on the side of the square has some terraced porches called "Les Mesures", where the market is held on Monday since 1699.


The surroundings of Santa Coloma de Farners marvel at the large amount of nature that is, such as the Park of Sant Salvador, the fountains, the river or the walk that surround it, but you should also take into account the space of relaxation and rest offered by the municipality of Santa Coloma, with the Termes Orion Spa and the Magma thermal center.



Caldes de Malavella


Caldes de Malavella is a municipality halfway between the Costa Brava and the Sierra de las Guilleries, on the plain of La Selva, rich in contrasts, heritage and tradition, and known for its thermal waters, with two of the most important spas of Catalonia.


In the center of the town you can walk among Roman ruins, medieval remains, modernist buildings and Noucentistes. And if after long walks you need relaxation, the waters of the town, of recognized healing properties, will facilitate a hydrotherapeutic treatment, from hot water sources or spas.



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