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How to sell my apartment quickly



Get sell your house at the best price easily and without complications


Making the decision to sell your home is not always easy, it is often a complicated task, especially if it has been your home for the past few years.


However, it is essential to be very clear if you want to sell it. This will help you make the right decision when the time comes, and it will take you away from personal issues at the least appropriate times.


In order to make a correct sale, quickly and without complications you have to take into account the three most important and indispensable blocks to be successful:


  1. Prepare your apartment for sale.

  2. Put a correct market exit price.

  3. Execute a good marketing plan.




It is fundamental in the business world to show a good image, so we recommend that your apartment is always available to teach an interested buyer. We have to show a good impression of cleanliness, clarity and order, thus facilitating the task of selling your flat.


How to prepare your apartment for sale:


  • Avoid the bad smells of the house, it is the first thing that the buyer perceives. A neutral smell is always preferable, that is, the house does not smell like anything.


  • It is essential to invest a bit in decoration. It is the best way for a faster sale. With a small set-up, you will avoid the offers on the downside and get a better price.


  • Depersonalizes the house. We have to avoid diverting the attention of the future buyer by removing personal items and all family photographs from view.


  • Small details make the difference. Although it does not seem so, they mean a lot. A moisture in the wall, a scratched door, a blind that does not rise, etc. Review and fix all the small defects that exist.


  • Shows the largest possible housing and highlights the storage capacity. Remove furniture, utensils and decorative items that may distort the existing space, and order to the maximum the fitted wardrobes, storage rooms, basement, attic, etc.


  • The kitchen and bathrooms are the key pieces of your home. Sort the kitchen space by removing all the utensils from the counter and the personal items of the bathroom, and above all you should keep them clean and shiny


  • Silence is gold. In visits with potential buyers you should try to avoid all kinds of noise, and if you have pets, try not to be at the time of the visit.





The wrong price ATTRACTS the wrong buyer, expecting more than what the housing Reduce text bequeath to offer. The higher the price with respect to the value of the market, the less interested, the time for sale increases and never ends.


Your floor will attract more attention from potential buyers during the first weeks and if the price is the wrong one, the potential Interested parties will have already rejected it losing many real operations.


Here are some of the consequences of not putting the right price from the beginning:


  • An elevation price will help the competition to sell super property.


  • You will lose possible interested buyers since they only visit the properties that are within of POSSIBILITIES.


  • The property was burned in the Market. People avoid the houses that snowplow time for sale, Because they assume that something bad Reduce text <br> have.


  • The property will have problems with the Appraisal and the banks will not give you any loans.





Last, but not least Important, have you taken into account that to sell your apartment you need a marketing plan?


Like any product you want to sell, to be successful and to sell your property as best as possible, you need a good real estate marketing plan and a marketing strategy to achieve your objective.


If you think that putting a sign and an advertisement in the Real Estate portals is enough, you will make the same mistake as most owners. What do you want to sell super floor by sume Cuenta or through an unprofessional real estate agent.


Before making a good marketing plan We have to ask ourselves a series of questions:


What is the best customer profile to acquire my property?

How to get the attention of the right audience?

What will you see steel to not let the best opportunities pass?

What is the estimated time to sell my apartment correctly?


These are very simple questions, but the entire commercial strategy will be developed in response.



But if you want to get the best way to sell your apartment, in Fincabia, specialists in advice, management and real estate consulting, you will find what you need: a business strategy Tailored to your needs and objectives.

Do not waste any more time, ask us for a visit and we will make a free evaluation of your apartment.



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