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How much does it cost to register gas in your new home?


If you have not yet activated the gas supply in your home, you should first know what the price is for having this source of energy. In this article we explain how much it costs and how to register step by step.


How to discharge the gas?


You never thought that it would be so difficult to find a new house if you already had the necessary money for the entrance. Some realtors just put up a "For Sale" sign, but do nothing to help you find the house you're looking for. In fact, they only try to sell you what they are interested in. Fortunately, you have found a team of professionals who have accompanied you in the search as if the house were for them. Now all you have to do is pack, move your house and tell the world that you are moving. I'm moving! But we are not referring to social networks, but to all those sites from which you receive postal mail, as well as the National Police Directorate to change your address on the DNI, although perhaps it is something you can do later, as explained by


In all likelihood, the electricity supply will be active, since it is necessary for a house to have a certificate of occupancy, but you may have to register the gas. With current electricity prices turning on electric heating is becoming more and more expensive. While in Spain electricity has already exceeded 150 euros per MWh, in the United Kingdom peaks of 3,000 euros per megawatt hour have already been reached. For this reason, more and more buyers are opting for gas heating, since it is more efficient energy, and they are launching to register gas for the first time.


However, consumers think twice before doing so. How much does it cost to register the gas in your new home? From they explain that there are two types of rights, discharge rights and connection rights. Both rights vary depending on the estimated annual consumption of kWh of natural gas and this is mainly based on the difference between having or not having a natural gas heating installation. In the event that we are only going to use natural gas to heat the water or the kitchen stoves, a 3.1 access toll rate will suffice. On the other hand, registration fees also vary between each autonomous community. In total, the price for registering the gas is between 200 and 250 euros.


What do I need to register the gas?


Registering gas is not only wanting, but also being able, and we are not referring to the budget. We can do nothing if the house does not have access to the natural gas network, as commented by In addition, the house will have to have a connection to the supply point and a gas installation in good condition endorsed by a gas technician from the assigned distributor in the area. The documents that must be presented to the marketer that we choose are the following:


● Name and surname of the holder.

● Chosen rate.

● The email and a phone number of the holder

● DNI or Residence Card in validity period.

● Address your new home

● The bank account number.


● The Gas Installation Certificate (CIG)


The ideal way to find the best rate is to use a gas comparator, since in this way we can find the best rates in the market.


Did this article and our tips interest you? In the following link to another web page you can find much more information on this subject if you want to continue learning and delving into the subject.


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